Existing Customers

Existing Customers

Welcome back to Vita

Our relationship doesn't end once we've set up your policy. We're on hand to help you whenever you need us. Contact us to speak with your dedicated Adviser.

Need to make a claim?

Our Directors started Vita so that you can have the required protection in place when you need it most. If that time is now, then please let us help.

Having arranged your policy with us, you'll know that Vita isn't a large faceless company, we're quite the opposite. To evidence our passion and commitment to protecting you, it's the same Directors that started Vita who take full ownership of your claim and will be on hand to support you through the entire process. From helping you to complete any forms through to confirming the money has been paid in to your account, we'll make it as simple and quick as it possibly can be.

What has changed in your life?

We understand that your circumstances will change over time and therefore it's important that your protection needs are constantly being met. Here's a few example of when is beneficial for you to get in touch with us, if you have:

  • Moved house
  • Changed your mortgage
  • Got married
  • Had a child
  • Changed job
  • Separated/divorced

Contact us to Arrange a free review with one of our dedicated advisors.

Policy Trust Service

Your dedicated Adviser will write your Life Insurance policy 'in Trust' for you - without charge. This is a method which allows you, and nominated others, to control what happens to the policy proceeds after your death.

  • There is no cost for setting up a Trust - we will draft the form and assist you to complete it.
  • Ensure that the policy proceeds are paid directly to the people that you nominate.
  • Policy proceeds are paid at the earliest opportunity and not held up in Probate.
  • Avoid a potential Inheritance Tax bill - Policy proceeds are not typically liable to be taxed.

As experts this is the least we can do. Please call your dedicated Adviser or request a call back.