Buildings & Contents Insurance

Buildings & Contents Insurance

Beyond being the largest financial commitment, you are ever likely to make, your home is the place where you want to feel most comfortable and secure.

We don't want to think of anything happening to our home or possessions, but the truth is the unexpected can occur at the worst possible time. Your space and belongings need to be well-covered. Taking out the right insurance is a way of protecting your home and belongings against whatever life might throw at you. From minor incidents like a broken window, to something much more disruptive like flooding or theft, the right cover makes sure you do not end up in debt. However, when it comes to insurance, one size does not fit all!

There are many solutions available that can help ensure that your property and hard-earned possessions are protected appropriately. At Vita, we will talk you through all the options and assist in arranging tailored cover for your needs, so you can be confident that:

  • Your Home and your items will be covered for the appropriate amount.
  • You will receive claims assistance, taking away unnecessary worry if the worse did happen.
  • We work with an entire range of providers and are not restricted; we have access to providers you won't find on price comparison sites!

Our friendly Advisers are available to answer your questions, provide expert advice and make recommendations - so please call us on 0333 231 6510

Types of Cover