Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover

Receive a cash lump sum to give financial breathing space if you suffer a critical illness.
We've probably all heard of a friend or relative who has been diagnosed with a serious illness, such as cancer, a heart attack or stroke. It is shocking and all the more difficult to imagine it happening to us. However, the harsh reality is that a critical illness can strike at any time. Have you considered how you and your family would cope financially?

1 in 2 people (born after 1960) will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime - Cancer Research UK.
The good news is that with medical advances, you're more likely to survive a critical illness, but also likely to need prolonged periods off work for treatment and recovery. Therefore, surviving an illness will often come at a cost. Mortgage/rent payments, childcare costs, council tax, food and utility bills still need to be paid. Plus there are likely to extra things to pay for like medication or adaptations to your home or vehicle, all at a time when you are likely to experience a long-term drop in income.

  • A tax-free cash lump sum when you need it most.
  • Pay for treatment, care and other unexpected costs.
  • Concentrate on getting better without rushing back to work.

The average pay out in 2020:


for Critical Illness Cover claims (ABI report)

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