Mortgage Life Insurance

Mortgage Life Insurance

Secure the family home by ensuring that your mortgage can be cleared if the worst happens.
Without Life Insurance for your mortgage, you are putting your family's home at risk. If you or your partner were to pass away or suffer a serious illness then the mortgage debt still needs to be paid. With the loss of a wage earner this can add unnecessary stress at an already difficult time.

How would your family manage to continue making monthly payments if your income into the household was lost? The monthly mortgage repayment is the single largest outgoing for most families. By clearing the mortgage this will create financial breathing space when the family needs it most.

You've worked hard to buy your family home. Now make sure you protect it.
Mortgage Life Insurance is a very popular type of cover that virtually all homeowners should have. Taking out a policy is very straightforward and provides peace of mind, along with financial security that will help to:

  • Secure the family home for your loved ones.
  • Remove the worry of missing payments.
  • Prevent repossession.

You may already have Life Insurance or Critical Illness Cover to protect your mortgage. If so, when was the last time you reviewed your policy? Have you moved house since you did? By letting us review your Mortgage Life Insurance it's possible that we can help you to make a substantial saving on your insurance premiums.

In 2020

£6.2 billion

was paid out by insurers across Life Cover, Critical Illness and Income Protection (ABI report)

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