Critical Illness Claim - "I was proud to have Vita and its caring staff in my corner when I needed them."

Critical Illness Claim – “I was proud to have Vita and its caring staff in my corner when I needed them.”

This is the personal story of Mrs Bradley from Hertfordshire, after being diagnosed with Cancer and her life changing outlook on life:

I was always healthy, and looking back now, I realise I took my health for granted.

Although I had life insurance through my employer, I never really considered the need for a Critical Illness policy. My expectations changed when I fell and broke my foot. I was standing on the train platform on a beautiful, sunny autumn afternoon. It was completely dry, and I was wearing 'sensible' shoes. I was not running for the train, or in any kind of hurry, and there were not many commuters heading my way. I took a step to board the train, and the next thing I knew I was on the ground with my foot underneath me, and it was broken.

It was a long and frustrating six months to see if my foot would heal on its own, consultations, and finally an operation. I realised that I was fragile, and if I could fall and break my foot on a normal day, then what else might be in store for my future health?

I decided to look into Critical Illness policies and found Vita. My adviser was James Ball. He was incredibly patient and helpful with all my questions. He helped me narrow down what I was looking for in a policy, and then he found the information for me. It is a real challenge trying to navigate the different kinds of policies and requirements, so James' help was invaluable, and in the end, with his help, I found the right policy fit for me.

It seems I had literally just signed all the insurance paperwork when I had the worst kind of health news: I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was stunned as the doctors unveiled the size and stage of the tumor and the long months ahead of treatment which included surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and Herceptin. I contacted James at Vita, and they immediately helped start the claims process. They could not have made it any easier, and I was even supported by the director, Paul Reed. The paperwork was submitted and within a few weeks, the insurance company contacted me to say they were paying my claim in full. I was shocked all over again!

The money was such a help. It enabled me to manage to continue my employment on a reduced hours basis without suffering financial hardship during the treatment. It also helped me to take some personal time after the treatment was completed.

I used this personal time to focus on my health, and do some things like back pack the Long Trail, a 273 mile hiking path in Vermont; and also train and complete the Walt Disney World marathon in Florida. I know that when I took the Critical Illness policy, I was not expecting that I would ever need to make a claim. I also know that my situation was very unusual - I had only just set up the policy when I found myself in need. If anyone is considering whether or not a Critical Illness policy is worth it, I can say that the financial relief that the funds afforded to me when I needed them most provided me with peace of mind and helped me focus on the real goal, which was getting through the cancer treatment and being well again.

I would recommend Vita and Critical Illness insurance whole heartedly, and I was proud to have Vita and its caring staff in my corner when I needed them.

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