"Having this Protection policy has been a life saver for me"

"Having this Protection policy has been a life saver for me"

Unless you work for fun, everyone relies on their income to help pay the bills. Here is the story of Miss Rutherford from Dorset, currently off work due to ill health, but had Income Protection.

I have worked as a firefighter for 12 years. It can be a very demanding job so my fitness is crucial. I am a regular gym goer and into my running and have been for 16 years. Two years ago, at the age of 46 I decided to take out an Income Protection policy as I was starting to feel the effects of getting older and holding down such a physical job.

I also lost both of my parents to cancer at quite a young age so this obviously played on my mind.

As I have life insurance through Vita (with LV=), I decided to go back to my original adviser and stay with this company as the support I had setting this up was brilliant and very supportive.

Two years after taking this policy out I started getting a lot of pain in my left thigh. It's still in the process of being investigated but I've been told I have mild arthritis and there's possibly other things going on.

I have now been off work for 7 months and on half pay which will soon be zero pay. My policy has helped top up my half pay, and will kick in an additional amount when my sick pay ceases. I'm uncertain if I will be able to return operationally, and I am trying to stay positive, but financially having this Protection policy has been a life saver for me as I have a mortgage and bills which needs paying.

I'm covered for two years which takes away a lot of stress and worry and gives me the time to find out what is going to happen with my current job and if I cannot carry on being a firefighter then I have the time to find myself another job which will be more suitable.

One of the best things I've done was to take out this policy.