"I dread to think how much harder this would have been had we not had cover in place"

"I dread to think how much harder this would have been had we not had cover in place"

Below is a testimonial from Ms O'Boyle (West Midlands) who recounts the events that led her to making a claim after the passing of her husband, and the difference that having life insurance in place has made in her, and her children's, life's:

"It was very unexpected and sudden. My husband only turned 50 the year he died. He was active, went running and worked out most days and walked our dog every morning. He ate well, didn't smoke and didn't drink much alcohol. Whilst he had Type 2 Diabetes he took medication and it was well controlled. My daughter came downstairs that morning to find him on the couch and she knew something was wrong. She ran to get me and we called 999 and started CPR on him until the ambulance arrived. Sadly, the coroner confirmed he died of ischaemic heart disease and coronary artery disease. This was a huge shock as I mentioned he was very healthy and there were no signs that we were aware of that may have made us believe he was in danger or unwell.

We both spoke about taking out insurance over the years and thankfully my husband ensured there was sufficient cover in place. I personally didn't recall how much or if it was sufficient which caused me a lot or stress when he died, so it was a lesson for me to be closer to what we had so I was aware.

The policy proceeds has made a huge difference. My salary alone was not sufficient to cover our outgoings even with the mortgage paid off - even though we did not have any debt. Our house was paid off and there were sufficient proceeds to ensure me and my two children would be OK over the coming years. I will be able to help them get onto the property ladder when the time is right.

The service I received from Legal and General and Paul at Vita was very good; he kept in contact and dealt with all that he could to make the process as straight forward as possible.

Emotionally I dread to think how much harder this would have been had we not had cover in place. Losing my husband and partner of 30 years has been devastating, more so as it was so unexpected. We would have lost the house or I would have had to ask my daughter to help support me which would have been very unfair. The fact that we are financially safe takes so much worry and stress off my shoulders as well as my children. My husband ensured he protected his family whether it was myself or him or both of us passed.

I would strongly recommend you ensure you have this cover in place, it should be one of the most important things you have in place to protect you and your family. You never think you will need it, because it happens to other people....especially when you are so young, but sadly you just don't know what is coming."