Life Insurance Claim - "Without this cover, I would not have been able to cope..."

Life Insurance Claim – “Without this cover, I would not have been able to cope…”

This is the personal story of Mrs Ellis from Wickford, unexpectantly losing her husband after routine surgery:

I would like to offer my sincere thanks for the excellent service provided by Vita, from the time of my late husband's first enquiry, through to the settlement of the claim.

My Husband had a cardiac arrest in 2004, which resulted in him having multiple stents in his coronary arteries and being prescribed 5 different medications. We were very aware that his condition may cause further cardiac problems, so he decided to seek a proper life insurance that would provide cover for me and our 2 sons in the event of his death.

He did a search on the internet and had problems finding a company to provide such cover. He then came across Vita, who understood his position and requirements. The Protection Advisor, Philip Roberts, came up with a life policy that took account of his pre-conditions. He took out a policy for the sum of £140,000, to be paid on his death.

The policy was in force for many months, when he had to have a Total Knee Replacement.

He was admitted to Hospital, and the surgery took place, then unfortunately, 4 hours after the operation he died through an unexpected complication.

I was devastated, because I had lost my husband and main bread winner. However, the insurance would help to cope with immediate financial problems.

I made a claim via Vita, and the help they provided in supporting the claim through to settlement was outstanding. Paul Reed communicated the progress of the claim at every stage, and we were never in doubt about what was going on. He also spent a considerable amount of time chasing the insurance company for a speedy settlement.

The £140,000 will be used to pay off most of my outstanding mortgage and the Hire Purchase on my car, which will greatly reduce my outgoings, and give me peace of mind. Without this cover, I would not have been able to cope and would probably have lost my home.

This experience has shown me the importance of having life cover, and anyone, especially those with pre medical conditions should get sufficient cover, and Vita is a good place to start looking. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants life cover and peace of mind.

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