Life Insurance Claim - "I was left devastated and worried about my financial security"

Life Insurance Claim - “I was left devastated and worried about my financial security”

Here is the story of Mrs K from London, who had to make a claim on the life insurance policy of her partner:

"I was advised to take up insurance when we were buying our first property together with my partner. The mortgage lender required us to secure the payments with the life and critical illness policy. Initially we were offered to take up insurance via the bank, however our friend recommended we speak to Vita.

At that time, I did not know much about the different types of policies available and did not know, which ones would best suit our needs. Our personal adviser Philip Roberts was very helpful and explained the advantages and disadvantages of various policy types. We took life and critical illness cover to cover our mortgage with Friends Life and Income Protection policies with LV=.

I also learnt that it is crucial to write insurance policies in trust as this provides better security for you and your family in case you need to make a claim following death of your partner.

My partner died suddenly and I was left devastated and worried about the financial security.

Paul Reed at Vita has provided me with great emotional and practical support throughout the whole process of the claim, which in my case was complicated and long. I have experienced some difficulties with the insurance company throughout this process, to which he provided me with guidance and always responded to my queries as well as keeping me updated on the claim process.

The claim was successful and the money I received from the insurance have enabled me to secure my and my daughter's future. I have been very grateful to Paul and the team at Vita who personally took care of my claim during this difficult time; for his professionalism and support as well as to other staff who's knowledge, thorough advice and great customer skills have contributed to the positive outcome in my case.

I will recommend Vita to anyone in need of insurance protection."