Life Insurance Claim: "I know she is smiling to know she has left her family comfortable"

Life Insurance Claim: "I know she is smiling to know she has left her family comfortable"

My daughter Natalie was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. It was so devastating to hear this - our family were completely crushed, especially as the consultant confirmed it to be very rare and aggressive.

Chemotherapy was started very quickly followed by several operations. Obviously, Natalie was not able to work due to her condition - fortunately Natalie had taken out critical illness cover, as-well as life cover through Vita, so we were able to claim the critical illness cover meaning that at this vulnerable time the worry about how the bills/mortgage were going to be paid was taken away from us. AIG paid out the claim so quickly making it one less thing to think about.

Unfortunately nine months later the cancer returned more aggressive than before, Natalie fought with so much courage that it brought us as a family to tears so often wishing we could give our life for her. She was only 41 and had a young son of 5.

Natalie died on 24th May 2021. Needless to say our hearts are broken beyond any repair. Once again, we contacted Paul Reed ( Director for Vita ) and James Ball (our Adviser). I can only say that the customer service, kindness, warmth and understanding that we received were phenomenal. Within a few weeks they had sorted Natalie's life cover and got this paid out.

Natalie's husband due to grief was unable to deal with anything. Paul, James & I (her mother) communicated with each other. I felt they were like family to me at this horrendous time.

I am forever thankful that my daughter Natalie had the hindsight to take out Critical illness cover. She was a bright spark! Had she not done this our family would have struggled financially - her husband has not been able to work due to looking after Natalie in her last couple of months.

I would say to anyone out there, please protect yourself and your family. It doesn't matter how young you are and think nothing will happen to you. Take out critical illness cover and definitely Life cover. Cancer is a big killer - the statistics at the moment is one out of two people will have cancer, a couple of years ago it was one out of four.

I ask you, as someone who has gone through hell this year, please insure your life and the ones that you love. By Natalie doing just this, her son and husband will live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

Nothing will bring my daughter back, but I know she is smiling to know she has left her family comfortable and not depending on state handouts.